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Own business: how to make money on coffee machines

Coffee machines are the most popular vending area; they occupy about 65% of the total market. In this article we will analyze the main points of business from the choice of a place to equipping machines with online cash registers.
Coffee vending is one of the most popular types of vending trade. Hot drink vending machines work without a seller, and with a properly selected place they bring a steady income and can pay off in a year of work. To organize such a business, you will need a minimum capital and a private car to service the machines.

But, despite the apparent simplicity, the coffee business requires a lot of attention, especially at the initial stage. To organize a vending trade, you need to find the area, select the equipment, solve the problem of maintenance and repair, and ensure the regular purchase of ingredients. To transform vending into a real business, you must create a network of at least four devices – then you can count on high incomes.

Therefore, before starting active operations at the start of vending trade, you need to make a business plan: analyze the market, evaluate the placements, calculate the amount of planned income and expenses.

Let us consider in more detail how to open coffee vending.

Market analysis
First of all, you need to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of a business. This will allow you to make a decision about the opening and foresee the difficulties that will be encountered. The advantages of vending are provided by automated trading, which helps to save significantly. But the main drawback is that business success is largely determined by location. And in this case, not only the cross-country of the point, but also the possibility of round-the-clock work, the presence of security is taken into account. For example, if you place the device in a shopping center, then solve the problem with vandalism, but the point will work according to the schedule of the shopping center. And the location at the station is more risky, although it will work around the clock.

Advantages and disadvantages of the vending coffee trade

Advantages and disadvantages

does not require large investments;

ease of maintenance;

you do not need to hire staff – the entrepreneur himself can serve the business, spending several hours a week on it;

installation area less than 1 sq.m .;

mark-up on goods about 300%;

can be combined with other business options;

round-the-clock work schedule is possible;

minimum advertising costs

high competition;

difficult to find the right place for the machine;

technological risk: the machine can simply break down, which would entail high costs;

the vending device can be hacked or spoiled;

high cost of delivery of ingredients to the regions of Russia

Next, you need to investigate the situation on the market: assess the demand, competition and business prospects.

According to statistics, the vending market is growing annually by an average of 20%. To date, more than 60 thousand devices throughout Russia constitute a market of 3-4 billion rubles. But the market is developing unevenly: 75% of vending machines are located in large cities, and the regions are still empty. So you can still find free space in this business. The Russian market has room to grow. If in our country there are 600 people for one device, then in the USA this figure is 35, and in Western Europe – 110. Conclusion: in the coming years, the vending market will actively grow.

Coffee machines are the most popular vending area; they occupy about 65% of the total market. This is due to three factors: speed, availability, low price.

Vending format is very suitable for selling coffee;

coffee from the machine is cheaper than catering;

coffee machines are very compact, so they can be placed where the cafe can not.

Coffee makers owe their popularity not only to the development of such a trading format as vending, but also to coffee itself. The consumption of this drink increases annually in Russia. If in 2001 our compatriots consumed 400 g of coffee per year, now this figure is already 1.35 kg. According to social surveys, more than 50% of Russians are sure to buy a cup of coffee on the way to work or school. At the same time, 22% of the respondents make daily purchases, and 48% drink coffee in cups once or twice a week.

How to register a business for the sale of coffee
In any business, the first step is registration. For vending, the best option is to register the PI. To do this, you just need to write a statement in the prescribed form, attach a receipt for payment of state duty (800 rubles). You can arrange PI without additional employees. In this case, contributions to the funds will have to pay only for themselves. Type of activity according to OKVED-2: 47.99.2 Activities for the implementation of trade through automatic machines.

After the number of days specified in the notification, you will collect your documents in the tax (extract from EGRIP). On the same day, it is desirable to write a statement on the transition to the selected tax regime. It is recommended to choose UTII (tax is calculated based on the number of vending machines.

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