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Going east: how to open a business with China

Business with China is high profits and profitable cooperation. We have collected tips on how to organize a home-based business, start a business without investments and what main areas to follow.

Just ten years ago, products from China were not of high quality. They were made from second-rate raw materials and obsolete technologies, so such products are not in great demand. Today, much has changed, so you can easily buy high-quality products at affordable prices on Chinese trading floors. In this article, we will explain how to start a business with China and how to make good money on this.

A few years ago, goods from China were associated with cheap, low-quality products. Today, more and more entrepreneurs are thinking about cooperation with China, and the Internet is replete with questions in the spirit of “how to open a business with China” and “what is needed for cooperation with China.” Business with China is promising, shows steady growth, and is itself eager for Russia. Why not take advantage of this?

We will begin to answer with the main question of how much money is needed to start. You can start a business with Chinese partners with … zero balance. Seriously! You can start a business selling Chinese goods without investment. The main thing is to have step-by-step instructions on how to start your own business selling physical goods. That it is the key to success.

Anyone who has a computer, access to the Internet, as well as a desire to learn all the nuances of this business and start earning can do the business of selling Chinese goods. Interesting ideas for cooperation with China will be found for beginners, small entrepreneurs, and successful businessmen seeking to expand their businesses.

Dropshipping How to open a business with China on dropshipping
It is quite possible to open a business with China without investments. The name of such a business is “dropshipping”. From English this word translates as “direct delivery”. The idea of ​​business is that the entrepreneur mediates between the buyer and the seller. The scheme is simple: the entrepreneur orders the necessary goods on his behalf, and sends the goods to the buyer’s address. Thus, an entrepreneur can work without leaving home and not spending his money while working on a prepaid basis. All that the entrepreneur undertakes is organizational issues. He will need to register on the site, if necessary, communicate with the seller, track the delivery of goods, etc.

Dropshipping with China
The advantages of dropshiping are many: the entrepreneur does not risk his own means, does not need to hire employees, and can alone handle the volume of work. In addition, for effective work, he will need only a computer and the Internet.

The main disadvantage of this business model lies in external factors: first, parcels from China are delivered long enough; secondly, there is a risk of loss or delay at customs. Not every buyer agrees to wait that long. It should also be borne in mind that the scheme is old and proven, that is, there is a high risk of facing competition. Despite this, dropshipping remains a fairly profitable business, and the margin on the product ranges from 10% to 100%.

What do you need to start a business at dropshipping?
Find suppliers. There are thousands of them on the Internet, but choosing suppliers is not so easy. Among all the variety, it is still necessary to find the most reliable and suitable products for quality and price, delivery conditions, assortment, etc. Most often, large online stores are chosen as suppliers, which have a huge range and sell it at wholesale prices. Now you can find online stores that are designed specifically for dropshipping (Banggood.com, TinyDeal.com, DX.com, Tmart.com, BuySKU.com, LightInTheBox.com and others). Earn with such sites is even easier, because they often provide partners with various bonuses. It is necessary to approach the choice of the supplier responsibly, because you are responsible for the quality of the goods and their delivery to customers.

Contact suppliers. To do this, send a letter to the support service stating that you want to work with them on the dropshipping system. With a probability of 95%, you will receive a positive response. The main thing you should pay attention to at this stage is a clear idea of ​​what products you will offer to customers and how you will advertise the product. Contacting suppliers is necessary so that when packing an order they do not use the logos of their companies. After all, the buyer is desirable not to know who actually purchased the product.

Choose a product. What to determine the direction, go to the usual popular online stores and see what products are in demand. It is advisable not to work with electronics – with it there are much more problems with marriage and return. Therefore, an important criterion for choosing a product is the minimum probability of return. You can take a chance and offer customers something interesting, unusual. On the exclusive, you can also earn.

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