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Stickershop: can I make money on stickers?

Stickers are shops of vinyl stickers, stickers and other accessories that are popular with young people and teenagers. These products are sold with a high markup, and you can open a business even without experience.
Stickershop is a youth, fashion business that even a beginner can handle. With a budget of 60-70 thousand rubles, you can open an outlet for the joy of lovers of stickers, posters, vinyl stickers and other cute accessories. And in online trading, you can start with 5 thousand rubles in your pocket. The concept of the stickershare involves the creation of an original business that will bring not only profit, but also pleasure from the process.

Today stickers (or stickers) are a popular product among young people. Stickers can be found on phones, laptops, cars, in interiors, on clothes and, of course, in notebooks. This product is inexpensive, but beautiful – that is why it is so difficult to resist.

Before the start

Before taking specific actions to open a business, you should examine the demand for the product. What do I need to do? Find on the Internet an account of the existing stickers, analyze the number of subscribers, comments – so you can understand how people in general are interested in this topic. Study the offer in your city – are there any who are ahead of you? For a megalopolis, the presence of several competitors is permissible, but for a small city it is already overkill. Stickers are too specific a product to offer on every corner.

Keep in mind that you will work with young people, so think in advance about which trade format to choose. We will consider two options: an outlet in the form of an island in a shopping center and an online store of stickers. Both formats can shoot. The main thing is to know which targets to hit.

Target number 1. Format

Imagine that you have analyzed the demand in the local market and made sure that many are dreaming of buying cool stickers. So, it’s time to think about the form in which the stickers will be: as an island in a shopping center or as an online store. Let’s compare what’s best. The advantages of the island – the spontaneity of the purchase. This is when a person just passes by, walks to your counter to look for curiosity, and makes a purchase. In the online store, most customers will come purposefully. But an island in the shopping center will eat a significant amount of your budget – even supported equipment will cost you an average of 30 thousand rubles, and rent 5 sq.m. in the shopping center – about 10 thousand rubles, and this is still the best. So the first advantage of an online store is saving.

For online trading with stickers, you do not need to make a complex website, because you can simply create an account on Instagram, invest several thousand in its promotion – and get a target audience that will not just become your customers, but also a regular reader – and this increases the possibility of multiple purchases . Another advantage of the online store is the coverage of customers from different cities. You can send orders by mail and explore new territories. So expands the circle of potential buyers, which promises profit growth. Stickers are a product that easily fits into a regular postal envelope, so the cost of sending will be scanty.

There is a third option: to combine two business formats and work in parallel on an island in a shopping center and online.

Stickershop: can I make money on stickers?
Target number 2. Location

If you do decide to open a retail outlet, you should choose places with high traffic: shopping centers, parks, embankments, parks, cinemas, etc. Open where there will be a lot of your target audience.

A large area is not required to open the sticker; 5 square meters will be enough. m, which will accommodate the “island”. This format allows you to attract more visitors. The cost of renting retail space will be about 10,000 rubles per month. In order to save, you can buy a used kiosk worth about 30,000 rubles.

Target number 3. Assortment and Suppliers

Immediately need to decide the question of where you will take the goods? Some label stores form their product range from what they produce themselves. Sticker making technology is simple, but there is one caveat. On the Internet, you can often find inspirational stories about how people downloaded funny pictures and made stickers using a plotter, which they then sold with a huge mark-up. And here, for some reason, everyone forgets that you can download the “wrong picture” and incur the wrath of an illustrator (or photographer) who will be absolutely right when he claims copyright infringement.

The moral is: if you want to make your own stickers, read art. 1259 of the Civil Code. It clearly states that the use of images for commercial purposes without the consent of the author is a violation of copyright. How can you avoid these legal delays? There are several options: first, you can find an illustrator who will draw stickers for you to order. Today you can easily find many talented artists.

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