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Christmas tree business: how to make money by selling Christmas trees

One of the most popular ways to make money in the New Year is to sell Christmas trees. However, if you think that it is enough to buy bulk Christmas trees and bring them to the point of sale by car, then you are mistaken.

On the eve of the New Year many people are concerned about how to make money on this festive rush. The logic is as follows: once on New Year’s Eve people empty shelves of stores, it is enough just to put the goods in – and rejoice in the 100% sales. Many businessmen think so and often decide to sell Christmas trees. After all, it is quite simple to organize this type of sale: you can do without obtaining permits and even without renting the sales area, because the trees are sold on the street.

In fact, the business seems simple, until you rush into it recklessly. It is not enough just to buy bulk Christmas trees and bring them to the point of sale by car. Business has its own nuances and nuances. You need to figure out which varieties of trees to sell, who will be the target audience and how to calculate the volume of purchases. Indeed, in the case of large commodity balances, they will not be able to be realized later – does someone need a Christmas tree after the holidays?

Therefore, if you decide to make money on the sale of Christmas trees, do not rush to buy goods. Assess your capabilities, market conditions, plan your income and expenses, think for how profitable this business will be. To guide you in the deceptive business of selling Christmas trees, we have prepared a step by step guide. The path from idea to profit is much longer than the road from the nursery to the outlet. Let’s understand the nuances.

1. Registration
Trading trees without permits is impossible. We start with business registration. We carry out a standard registration procedure for individual entrepreneurs; as the OKVED code, we select 47.7 – Retail sale of other goods in specialized stores.

What documents are needed?
The seller of the Christmas trees should have the following documents:
TTN (waybill);
quarantine certificate;
phytopassport with a holographic sticker.

In addition, you must obtain a permit to trade. Depending on the location of your outlet, the authority that issues the permit also changes. For example, if you are going to trade in the municipal market, then permission should be obtained from the market administration. And if you plan a retail outlet in an arbitrary location, then you need permission from the city administration.

2. Choosing a place for trade in Christmas trees
Determined with the place of trade should be in parallel with how make out PI. Because it will take some time to get permission. And for a seasonal business, time is money.

Most often, trade in Christmas trees occurs in the Christmas tree market. It begins to work from mid-December and is located on platforms in the pass-through places: at intersections, near stops. Usually such places are reserved for some tenants – and it will not be easy to take such a “fish place”. Another option is to rent space from the existing store, shopping pavilion, in the parking lot of the shopping center. In fact, you will need a floor space for a maximum of 3 weeks.

An important nuance: choose the most favorable rental conditions. Because large cash expenses can greatly reduce your income. It is rather difficult to call the rental price, it depends on many factors: on the city, on the specific place, on the sales area, etc. The difference in amounts can be huge.

Keep in mind that the demand for Christmas tree bazaars is limited and not every visitor will purchase Christmas trees from you. Why?

First, there are many bazaars. People are willing to visit several Christmas markets to buy at the lowest price. Secondly, the tree can be bought in large hypermarket chains. Thirdly, Christmas trees can be ordered with delivery – and this is much more convenient than looking for a Christmas tree in the bazaar. Fourth, more and more people prefer an artificial Christmas tree. Fifth, not all put the Christmas tree for the New Year.

What we get in the end? Of the thousands of people interested in a few trees, and of those interested in only 50% make a purchase. The maximum demand is observed on the last Sunday before the New Year, and by December 31 it drops to almost zero. On New Year’s Eve, Christmas trees can be sold only for a penny.

Requirements for the organization of Christmas bazaars
To the street trade in Christmas trees, certain requirements are set forth, set forth by the orders of the city administration trade department. These are usually the following requirements:

The seller must be available all the documents. This is a permit to trade, an agreement with the supplier, an act of acceptance.

There should be a sign “Christmas tree market”, a sign with the name of your IP and contact phone number.

You must specify the prices – exact or marked “from”.

You can arrange a trading place. For example, decorate with street garland or Christmas figures. This will attract the attention of passersby.

The seller must have a saw, tape measure, fire extinguisher (if firefighters come to check), the packing material will suit the rope, which is needed for dressing.

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